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Attitude F*ckUp: Are you Dreaming of Success without starting?

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Watching a dream of success without starting up! It’s just like saying ‘I know swimming’ before jumping into the pool! Just make a plan, work hard, and let the world burn in your success! 

We are starting with the dream of achievement rather than a hard word, and all we forget about starting point. So here the primary issue is: Not Starting. There are many reasons to not start a new company or startup; the following are some that you might think of:

  • My current job is more than enough.
  • I like this steady income. At least I do not need to take the risk of loss.
  • What if I lost money?
  • I guess this is the age of saving money not using that for startups because I have a family. 
  • What if I will not be able to save money for my retirement?
  • Startup means 24*7 work, and then I will not be able to spend time with my family and kids. 
  • I still think I am young to start my own business.

On the other side, you can consider these solid reasons to start a new business or a company:

  • I love working independently. 
  • Own business gives financial control, which means a safe future. 
  • A job might give steady income; a business will give unlimited income. 
  • Innovation is everything I want in my professional life. 
  • I have a unique business idea, and I want to expand that worldwide. 
  • I don’t want to work under anyone; I want to work independently.
  • I want more time with my family.  

Precisely, it is not my duty to judge the reason for starting a new business or continuing with the job or a steady income. I guess you know the theories floating around the startup community that say you have to start a business at a young age as an entrepreneur. 

There are ample benefits I know of starting a business at a very young age. Perspectives change according to our likes and dislikes. But as an entrepreneur, you need to see both sides of the coin. Also, you need to be flexible so you can accept new things easily and make your business strategies accordingly.  

I am also sure that you might see some memes about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. One of my favorites is as mentioned below:

Jokes apart! But the thing I want to share with you is I started my own startup when I was nineteen years old. Let’s forget about me for a second. Do you know Elon Musk? The guy behind Zip2, Tesla, SpaceX, and (WTF!) The Boring Company started a venture when he was twenty-four. Bill Gates was only twenty-one when he started his work as co-founder of Microsoft. Steve Jobs also was too young to run Apple, and how can we forget Mark Zuckerberg? He was just nineteen years old when he launched Facebook, and he became a billionaire by the age of twenty-three. 

I am not saying to start your own business is the only way to make money, but the one thing I want to say is if you have an idea and if you want to start a new venture, then just do not just think it over, at least try to start, because Not starting is one of the most irritating and negative ways to stand back from the promise you did to yourself. 

The Fix: Act to Get Success

Just breathe in and think about what you want to do? Do you want to do a 10 to 5 job and want a steady income, or want to start your own business and become your own boss? If you are planning to start a business, then the fix act is to start from the beginning point because there is no shortcut to getting success, and please don’t think that failure is a shameful thing. Because it is not!

There is a simple thing I want to say: not starting is not an option for the one who wants to achieve something in their life as an entrepreneur. Make your own definition of success and start from zero. Because great business starts with zero itself but taking the first step is essential is what I want to convey from this article.

Kim Hvidkjaer

Kim Hvidkjaer

I’m a father, author, speaker as well as multi-disciplinary serial entrepreneur and investor. I started my first company at age 19, and have built and invested in companies in innumerable industries.

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