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A Small Mind F*cks Your Startup’s Growth More Than A Loud Mouth

By February 4, 2022 No Comments

No, I am doing well and happy with my Rado. That Patek Philippe is still gonna show the same time lol. 

That’s for the big guys man. I run a small business and I don’t wanna bite more than what I can chew.

I don’t know if my team can do it. I’d be playing it slow and steady so that we can win the race!

Most new business owners trash talk about what their brainchild could do. Little do they care about changing its diapers, clean the shit, and see what it takes to raise it. That loud mouthing is still okay but what if you underestimate your vision. What if you came up with something so small and made up your mind? It’s like throwing all the millions and billions in the blue ocean so that you can enjoy peanuts in safety! That has potential to f*ck up your startup and let’s talk more about it. 

Let’s think of an imaginary scenario where you built a website that allows children to move their neighbors’ lawns using your lawn movers. If you keep it limited to your own city, you are letting go of a big opportunity; because you can do the same for the entire country. Yes, it takes a lot more work but hey, it’s the same work but a lot more money. 

This idea of thinking small, limiting what can be done and how far you can go can be the very difference between millions and billions. You have got to believe in it as Muhammad Ali believed in his skills. Sometimes, you have to realize that selling your company successfully for $1 million could be a disaster like it would have been in the case of Google. Had their offer been accepted, Larry Page and Sergey Brin would be dissing their plan to date. 

So how do you know if you are not making this mistake? The 10x rule is how you save the day. Whatever industry you are into, think about how you can scale your business 10x and weigh the challenges. Frankly speaking, any business can be scaled enough to make you rich, be it selling clothes or software. You just need the right vision and as Steve Jobs says, take care of the topline and the bottomline will follow.

Try keeping an ambitious target at the core of your future plans, no matter how crazy it sounds. This will help you understand what you need to do right in order to be the same beast but a different animal. Believe me, nothing hurts your future prospects more than your inner voice denying its potential. That’s exactly why Arnie advises to ignore the naysayers and work like hell. The 10x rule allows you to scale your business model by identifying all opportunities and if it doesn’t you are not really into a business model. It may be a simple product selling so you must keep your eyes open. 

Towards the end, I want to tell you one fact: be flexible, not only with the how but with the what. You can definitely scale any idea into a multibillion-dollar empire but for that to happen, you have to trust yourself. Paul Brandt rightly said ‘Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.’ Whatever you think is your potential, you can go a minimum of 10 times ahead of that, and even at that time, don’t stop till you’re done. 

Kim Hvidkjaer

Kim Hvidkjaer

I’m a father, author, speaker as well as multi-disciplinary serial entrepreneur and investor. I started my first company at age 19, and have built and invested in companies in innumerable industries.

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